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The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript

The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript

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The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript
350 грн.
Под заказThe Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript
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If you've used a more traditional object-oriented language, such as C++ or Java, JavaScript probably doesn't seem object-oriented at all. It has no concept of classes, and you don't even need to define any objects in order to write code. But don't be fooled—JavaScript is an incredibly powerful and expressive object-oriented language that puts many design decisions right into your hands.In The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript, Nicholas C. Zakas thoroughly explores JavaScript's object-oriented nature, revealing the language's unique implementation of inheritance and other key characteristics. You'll learn:The difference between primitive and reference valuesWhat makes JavaScript functions so uniqueThe various ways to create objectsHow to define your own constructorsHow to work with and understand prototypesInheritance patterns for types and objectsThe Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript will leave even experienced developers with a deeper understanding of JavaScript. Unlock the secrets behind how objects work in JavaScript so you can write clearer, more flexible, and more efficient code.
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АвторNicholas C. Zakas
ИздательствоNo Starch Press
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